From the streets of Boston:

“The other night, three of us went out, after our Men’s Life Recovery Meeting, to the streets of Boston. We gave out sandwiches, water, warm clothes, and we shared words and prayers filled with hope. Three people gave their lives to Jesus.

This is how one woman responded:

“I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am also very thankful for the beautiful prayers, the food and drink. I thank all three of you for making a difference in my life this evening. You guys are angels! Goodnite to you all.  

Love Susan” [name changed]

“These sausages are great! We don’t get these on the streets. Thanks.”

Yes, thank you Carousel Creamery of Nantasket for the generous donation of sausages. It’s nice to have something different to eat.

One young man was walking by our outreach truck and we offered him a cold water and hot dog. He looked at us with a suprised look and asked, ‘Why are you giving out free food and drink? I answered, because we love Jesus and we love you. He cracked a huge smile on his face, came over and hugged each of us and ate and drank to his hearts content.

Another young man was walking by our Outreach Truck and saw others getting food and drink and asked us about what we were doing. We fed and gave him drink and asked him about himself and how he was doing. He said that he was homeless and was having a hard time of it. He asked if we thought that God would forgive Him for all the bad things he has done. We shared how God forgave the prodigal son and welcomed him back with open arms and celebration. We asked if he wanted prayer for his life. He said yes. After we prayed God’s intervention and blessing on his life, we looked up and streams of water were flowing down his face. We said goodnight and God bless! Weeks later, he came back and told us that he contacted his Mom, for the first time in a long time, and she let him stay back home for a few nights and he went back to his childhood church for the first time in years. We celebrated with him and prayed God’s continued blessing in his life!

Three other young men were walking by and we offered them water and food. They asked why we were giving away food and drink and we said that we love Jesus and we love them. They put big smiles on their faces and said that they loved Jesus too and were currently attending a local Christian college. We shared food, drink, great conversation, and prayer with them and invited them back to help us reach out to the many youth living on the streets.

Thank you for reading these testimonies. It is important that you see and hear how you can make a difference in peoples lives. Join us: Friday nights 8-11pm across from Park St T Station, Tremont St, downtown Boston.

These testimonies are from real people. Due to their life’s circumstances, we must respect their privacy. Therefore, we cannot publish full names.