Brothers In Christian Unity

Brothers in Christian Unity – Our Mission: 

Brothers in Christian unity is a network of men who come together for fellowship, for encouragement, for accountability, for prayer, for worship and for reaching out to serve others We do this with men from churches and men’s groups and neighborhoods and realtionships throughout the Boston and South Shore area seeking to unite and empower men across cultural and denominational lines.

It is truly wonderful NCV
 It is good and pleasant when
Brother’s live together in harmony!
 …live together in unity! NIV
…God’s people live together in peace!
  For harmony is as precious as the anointing oil NLT
It’s like costly anointing oil flowing down MSG
Harmony is as refreshing as the dewNLT

Yes, that’s where God commands the blessing, MSG
There the Lord gives His blessing of life forever.  NCV
Where the Lord has promised to bless His people with life forevermore. CEV

Excerpts from Psalm 133

We welcome you Email us at to see what opportunities may be available.

4 Responses to Brothers In Christian Unity

  1. John Broderick

    Hi Pete,
    Unity, through foundational understanding of God’s Word, will unite us together, with unbreakable bonds and perserverence to acomplish His kingdom purposes in our lives. To God be all the Glory in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

  2. ps David

    Pls Rev Peter, our church men wouldlike to work with your men there. We want to unite together for Jesus.

    • Hi David,

      If God wills it, He can make that happen. Right now we are completely volunteer group, including myself. We don’t have any funding, other than the items people donate for us to give to the poor on the streets here in Boston. We are grateful for people who donate food and clothes, currently we hope for someone to step forward with a vehicle to transport people to church. We appreciate your prayers.

      • ps David

        we are praying man of God, if we can get the food, clothing here too the needs are so great. we praying God to do a miracle man of God.

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