About Us

WordStrength is really not about us. It is about every Christian.

WordStrength.org is designed to encourage men to see God’s word from various perspectives, by combining scriptures from different versions, from both traditional and contemporary translations. WordStrength.org is currently working its way through the Book of Proverbs. However, I may interject other encouraging posts in between. If you would like to jump on for a mini-devotion, and gather some good nuggets of wisdom, feel free to follow along. However you choose to approach it, we welcome you to read and enjoy!

The goal of this website is to generate scripture-based conversation addressing issues that men face in today’s world. It is open to anyone who genuinely wants to discuss these topics, while seeking direction from the Word of God. WordStrength is not written nor monitored by professional counselors, and should not be construed as a “counseling” website. All posts are published based solely on Scripture from the Holy Bible. We highly recommend researching different translations of scripture on BibleGateway.com. We make it our goal to update it regularly.

Don’t forget, please let us know what you think of our blog by clicking on the blog title, read through the blog, and note comments section. Let us know if there is anything else that you would like to see us write about. Email us at lighthseAG@aol.com. If you like to receive these messages in via email, there is a sign up to the right of this post.

Your [and His] friend,